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How can doodles add magic to your life?


A big, warm hug!

Because they're one of the most satisfying, adaptive, and illustrative means of expressing a thought or idea.
And I don't want you to hear it!
This part of the doodle book contains SUPER PERSONAL matter...

Super personal.

Memories are your prized possessions that make you who you are. Doodles help you tell your story visually and engrave it for life. 

Pro-Max Level thoughtful

Statistically, humans tend to be happier when you gift them something thoughtful. So now why wouldn't you give it a shot?
Products you can experiment with...
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Wait, there's more!
I promise.
Doodle Videos
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Literally anything. Just ask me!

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I am the ready BOSS.


You have chosen wisely.
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I bought a postcard from The Doodle Chic out of the few pre-made designs that they had. I fell in love with their flawless work. So, I decided to order one more postcard, this time a customized one. I explained the story and the concept I wanted and what I received was so much better than what I had visualized. All I can say is, that they have earned a permanent customer!
Shaurya Munjal, Perception Blogger and Founder of Two Hazy Circles
Product: Custom Postcard
100% smiles guaranteed*
Nowadays it’s so confusing to give someone special an out-of-the-box gift that is not materialistic and has some personal memories attached to it.
Thanks to the Doodle Chic for helping me out with an extraordinary gifting experience! 
Something that we can treasure for the rest of our lives!
Akash Negandhi, Founder of AR Exports
Product: Custom Doodle Book
She brings exactly what’s in your mind to your eyes through her doodling skills.
And the world could now see what I saw! But I also regretted wasting my time all over the Internet, paying and asking them to revise again and again when The Doodle Chic did what I wanted in just one go!
I’d recommend everyone to choose TDC if you're looking for someone to draw for you! 
Because the story you tell, The Doodle Chic brings it alive!
Kartik Tayal, Founder of Satyara
Product: Logo Design
Happy Members of the
TDC Family
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