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  • New number. Who dis?
    Hi. I am Veena Balachandran a.k.a The Doodle Chic. Just another illustrator trying to spread happiness through what I know best; making super cute doodles.
  • How does this work?
    Okay so you're probably here because you want to gift your special someone and make their day, maybe a little selfcare or you just want to commission my work to help me out (Oh yas why not thank you very much) A. If you have a product in mind and it's mentioned on the site, then go ahead and click the link to tell me a little bit about what you want and we can get started. B. Now if you're lost, or you have a product in mind that's out of this world and not mentioned on the site, then what are you waiting for? REACH OUT TO ME and let's create some magic and spread happiness!
  • What are the prices like?
    All the prices you see under the products mentioned on the site are base prices* (exclusive of shipping charges). It is possible that you turn into an enthu cutlet when you are working with custom products. And we love us some enthu cutlets here! Additional charges depend on the number of elements and *Base prices are based on
  • When do I have to make the payment?
    We have a 100% advance payment policy.
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